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    Javascript.info Ebooks Collection

    The JavaScript language Here we learn JavaScript, starting from scratch and go on to advanced concepts like OOP. We concentrate on the language itself here, with the minimum of environment-specific notes. Browser: Document, Events, Interfaces Learning how to manage the browser page: add elements, manipulate their size and position, dynamically create interfaces and interact with the visitor. Additional articles List of extra topics that assume you've covered the first two parts of tutorial. There is no clear hierarchy here, you can read articles in the order you want. [Hidden Content]
  2. Title: JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms: An Introduction to Understanding and Implementing Core Data Structure and Algorithm FundamentalsAuthor(s): Sammie BaePublisher: ApressYear: 2019ISBN: 1484239873,9781484239872 Explore data structures and algorithm concepts and their relation to everyday JavaScript development. A basic understanding of these ideas is essential to any JavaScript developer wishing to analyze and build great software solutions. You'll discover how to implement data structures such as hash tables, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. You'll also learn how a URL shortener, such as bit.ly, is developed and what is happening to the data as a PDF is uploaded to a webpage. This book covers the practical applications of data structures and algorithms to encryption, searching, sorting, and pattern matching. It is crucial for JavaScript developers to understand how data structures work and how to design algorithms. This book and the accompanying code provide that essential foundation for doing so. WithJavaScript Data Structures and Algorithmsyou canstart developing your knowledge and applying it to your JavaScript projects today. What You'll Learn Review core data structure fundamentals: arrays, linked-lists, trees, heaps, graphs, and hash-table Review core algorithm fundamentals: search, sort, recursion, breadth/depth first search, dynamic programming, bitwise operators Examine how the core data structure and algorithms knowledge fits into context of JavaScript explained using prototypical inheritance and native JavaScript objects/data types Take a high-level look at commonly used design patterns in JavaScript Who This Book Is For Existing web developers and software engineers seeking to develop or revisit their fundamental data structures knowledge; beginners and students studying JavaScript independently or via a course or coding bootcamp. [Hidden Content]
  3. Title: Web Programming with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScriptAuthor(s): John DeanPublisher: Jones & Bartlett PublishersYear: 2019ISBN: 1284091791,9781284091793 Web Programming with HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript is written for the undergraduate, client-side web programming course. It covers the three client-side technologies (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript) in depth, with no dependence on server-side technologies. One of the distinguishing features of this new text is its coverage of canvas, one of the most important new features of HTML5. Topics are presented in a logical, comprehensive manner and code is presented in both short code fragments and complete web pages, allowing readers to grasp concepts quickly and then apply the concepts in the context of a complete web page. Each chapter concludes with an optional case study, which builds upon itself to create a sophisticated website. The case studies allow students to apply what they have learned and gives them a feel for the real-world design process. [Hidden Content]
  4. Title: The Python Workbook: A Brief Introduction with Exercises and SolutionsAuthor(s): Ben StephensonPublisher: SpringerYear: 2019-08ISBN: 3030188728, 978-3030188726 This student-friendly textbook encourages the development of programming skills through active practice by focusing on exercises that support hands-on learning. The Python Workbook provides a compendium of 186 exercises, spanning a variety of academic disciplines and everyday situations. Solutions to selected exercises are also provided, supported by brief annotations that explain the technique used to solve the problem, or highlight a specific point of Python syntax. This enhanced new edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded with additional exercises, along with concise introductions that outline the core concepts needed to solve them. The exercises and solutions require no prior background knowledge, beyond the material covered in a typical introductory Python programming course. Features: uses an accessible writing style and easy-to-follow structure; includes a mixture of classic exercises from the fields of computer science and mathematics, along with exercises that connect to other academic disciplines; presents the solutions to approximately half of the exercises; provides annotations alongside the solutions, which explain the approach taken to solve the problem and relevant aspects of Python syntax; offers a variety of exercises of different lengths and difficulties; contains exercises that encourage the development of programming skills using if statements, loops, basic functions, lists, dictionaries, files, and recursive functions. Undergraduate students enrolled in their first programming course and wishing to enhance their programming abilities will find the exercises and solutions provided in this book to be ideal for their needs. [Hidden Content]
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